Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Older Merch Still Available from Soccer Mom Ebonics

Kurt was kind enough to post an update about merchandise we still have left in the Sparkle Girl/Soccer Mom Ebonics cupboard. In this case it is copies we still have of our split 7" with our fave SLF noiseniks Slicing Grandpa! First band we ever did a split cdr with so it was only natural that our first black wax offering was a split with the other SG we love so well. We enjoyed how it turned out and even more surprisingly some other people did as well (see below).

Wednesday, July 01, 2009
Sparkle Girl/Slicing Grandpa "Hexis/Daddy O Strangler" 7" Soccer Mom Ebonics Records SME040

"Hexis," backed with "Daddy O Strangler" is a total underground freakout in eight minutes or less. Guitars twist and melt in trembling piles, electronics hiss and churn, no apologies to taste talent or quality. Edition of 500 on Soccer Mom Ebonics Records. Inserts have words and images and stuff.
Side A. Sparkle Girl "Hexis" (4:30)
Side B. Slicing Grandpa "Daddy O Strangler" (4:31)
$5.00 cash or trade. Paypal accepted. Contact or contact Kurt at

"Split Seattle dual-duo 7-Inch with the heavy gritty industrial strength drone of Sparkle Girl (Kurt D, & Jim E.) on the A side. Their track Hexis fuzzes out to near silence like explosions in space breaking the needle with such heavily distorted bass shaking and vibrating in your chest. A ghastly snowstorm of metal chains and barbed wire to then just end abruptly. Side B is Slicing Grandpa playing a stoner doom-ish hypnotic rawk track. Lo-fi recording and experimental sounds keep it real and out of the any metal genre, but you won’t get a sense of their true sound from this track. I still like it."
-No Eyed Bird (

"after about thirteen years of making noise, this is the first time that kurt and jim's music has graced the smooth surface of vinyl. they're no strangers to analog mediums, but tape (reel to reel and cassette) has been their preferable modus operandi. while this duo's name may lead you to believe that they don't take a serious approach to their music, that's far from the truth. i was really happy to hear that they play straight-forward experimental noise. not only that, but it's damn good as well. hexis begins by building itself around a layer of undulating mechanical drone. slowly, they'll implement shrill distortion over the lurching foundation, letting that ride before getting a little denser as hexis changes shape: all echoes and rumbles. not content to let one idea go on for too long, the track will shift once again for its noisy conclusion. i like how even though the piece moved along slowly, it never felt cold or dark, like is so often the case, and the more discordant aspects matched up well with the overall feel and never got to the point of being overbearing."
Smooth Assailing (

"Sparkle Girl = noise church, climbing up the spires. You thump your chest, and then what? Large chunks of unsorted text on Sparkle Girl’s Myspace page is either indicative of bigger problems, or just really enthusiastic and non-tech savvy. Slicing Grandpa is still slicing away at some dark, obscurant corner of goth, hometaper industrial, and outsider psych dirge. Pretty noisy, sludgy pacing, and doomy dreadful, but this guy knows what’s up as evidenced by past releases, so it’s not an act. Or it is an act, but it’s executed with a modicum of foresight. Either way, 50/50 on here."
Dusted (

"a wildly dunting noise vortex that detonates their amp-destroying Dead C style with torrents of almost Whitehouse-styled electricity. On the flip Slicing Grandpa play cough syrup takes on the cyborg sound of prime Chrome."
David Keenan (

"sparkle girl plays dark and crude drone noise that moves and shift in simple eletronic chunks....not a steady wall of drone but crude cut n paste approach. slicing grandpa is one of those trange bands that falls somwhere between TG and toll.... dirge oriented heavy bass playing soup and stew but with a washed out reverberated new wave camp. we like it. it has an underground scum and they keep putting out vinyl which is cool."
Dominic Fernow Hospital Records

"Slicin Grandpa ponied up w/their newest release, a split 7" between them & Sparkle Girl. Readers of this Blog knows that Slicin Grandpa can do no wrong, so let's focus for a moment on Sparkle Girl's admission. Hmmmm.......I'd say they sound very much like the grizzly mayhem spawned from that rotator blade off that helicopter just moments before/after it loped off Vic Morrow's head while makin that Twilight Zone movie. SG aren't quite so dramatic, eschewin decapitation for a good old fashioned aural vivisection & since it's unlikely they's ever gonna be invited to play halftime at the Super Bowl, the NFL's none the wiser to their gutteral hijinx. Released on the Soccer Mom Ebonics label in a rd ed. of 500"

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