Sunday, May 31, 2009

killed a demon in my head

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Blue Sabbath Black Cheer:Josephine:5.30.09

After hitting family parties, a block party and the Josephine I was pretty beat. Heeding the advice of several people I took a short break and wandered back to the Josephine in time to be hit by a mighty wall of noise from Blue Sabbath Black Cheer. Bless their oily black hearts for playing a walloping set of gorgeous soul sucking bleakness. It was fantastic. Headache obliterated by a pure tornado of sonic abuse. Frankly I couldn't see who was doing what I just fell back on the couch hit REC on the walkman and blacked out. Dense and gnarly as always BSBC seemed to hit a beautiful and horrific groove that was then kicked in the ass by the addition of Goly Grim in their entirety joining in on three floor toms. I was so glad I made it back for this set. The drums setting a killer beat as the noise surged along with it. Probably one of my favorite BSBC sets.