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New Releases From Soccer Mom Ebonics 1st up Ponzi Cult!

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Ponzi Cult "Live 6.14.09" CDR Soccer Mom Ebonics SME073
Abrasive document of this guitar duo's first live performance. McKane and Delaney brutalize two guitars until spontaneous rhythms erupt. Limited to twenty copies.Live from Chickenhead Church!
"A Ponzi scheme targeting members of the deaf community is particularly reprehensible."
-Rosalind Tyson
$5.00 cash or trade. Paypal accepted. Contact sparklegirlnoise@yahoo.com or contact Kurt at myspace.com/sparklegirlnoise

Soccer Mom Ebonics Product Update SME Mixtape Volume 3

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Various Artists "SME Mixtape Vol. 3" c90 Soccer Mom Ebonics Records SME055

Edition Of 50 numbered copies. The third installment in SME's mixtape series. The Mixtape series is simple. Contributions of any sort of sound art whatsoever are welcome and are placed on the tape in the order recieved. There is no editing, no selection process, no mastering. Random snippets from odd tapes found at thrift stores are inserted between each track. Tracks are welcome from anyone. The schizophrenic document that results documents the vibrant creativity of our extended family and presents a dizzying array of different sound art approaches. This volume presents ghostly folk music,free improv, post-hardcore,nu metal, noise, industrial, digital collage, acoustic songs, savage free jazz, outsider avant, and even covers of songs by Sabbath, Petty, and Dylan. This is the REAL underground mixtape. Recorded on Maxell UR 90 tapes with cover artwork by Andy Crawshaw for Broken Press.
1. The Ghost Of Kyle Bradford-Don’t Think Twice
2. Yokai No Uta-Mother Yokai, Proud Of Her Brood
3. Lessons In Regret-The Wall Won
4. Clone-Dank
5. Sparkle Girl-Fuck Troy Wright
6. Syphilis Sauna-Emergency Niggah Pizza Fund
7. Algiers-The Field Pt. 2
8. LZRSOS-3(oris), 6 times
9. Exit To Main-Satan Spin
10. Dubh Ros-1st Loop In A Knot
1. Smokestack Sam-One Man Band Fiasco
2. Worldoutside-I won’t Back Down
3. Black Ops-Into The Void
4. Special Ops-Ducks And Squirrels!
5. Krispijn Larrison-Don’t Miss That Train
6. Cabbage Foundation-Boston Tongue Bouquet
7. 13 Style-Droid
8. Demian Johnston-Last Song Of The Evening
9. Noizvendr-Triptych
10. Jacob Powers-Kids Club
"What I believe is a process rather than a
finality." Emma Goldman
$5.00 cash or trade. Paypal accepted. Contact sparklegirlnoise@yahoo.com or contact Kurt at myspace.com/sparklegirlnoise

Post from Kurt re: Sparkle Girl Home Despot Cassette

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SPARKLE GIRL "Home Despot" c20 Soccer Mom Ebonics Records SME057

Edition of 9 copies. Stamped clear c20 tapes with hand cut home printed j-cards, stickered cases and numbered inserts.
Side A: Black Friday
Side B: The Welcoming Smile At The End Of The Road
2 tracks of abrasive duo improv with Goodwill synths, de-tuned guitars, bells, tapes, electronics, etc. Druggy churning scree, electronic drones, space echo freakouts, Louis Farrakhan on Reagan. Good times.
$4.00 cash or trade. Paypal accepted. Contact sparklegirlnoise@yahoo.com or contact Kurt at myspace.com/sparklegirlnoise

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Review of Are You A Cat? "Octopus Release"

Are You A Cat? - Octopus Release CD, Goat Bros 2009, number 77 of 232 (strangely soothing)

This is my favorite release of 2009.

Right now I am listening to it and raving about it to my wife.

This disc brought back a wave of memories.

It is bouncy, catchy, tripped out and funky, hip to the tip and moves so smooth I think I hear Don Cornelius coming back from the dead just to host them on this Saturday afternoon tv and tell the Source to give it one hundred and ten mics.

Josh and Jason (who are Are You A Cat?) managed to time travel me back over twenty plus years to my mid 80's youth with this disc and I love it. Just off the top my head I am thinking electro, synth pop, Prince, post punk disco hybrids, Ready For The World, Newcleus, funk, British Electric Foundation, Electric Dreams soundtrack, Level 42, Section 25, Heaven 17 (Eighties bands loved numbers), Andre Cymone and too many others.

My first job was washing dishes at a college during summer. As an awkward chunky white guy, naive burb kid working with a crew of hip collegiate athletes most of whom were from Newark and Philly. This cd reminds me of the day the Hobart died and we were swamped in the dish room and hours of scrubbing pots and pans. Proud source of my first nickname, Pots. In fact to this day if you were to shout," Jim!", I probably wouldn't bother to look. If you were to shout out "Pots!" not only would people look at you strangely but I would be eyeballin like a broken compass trying to find you. But I digress. so we worked hard and I was invited to take a break in the sweltering concrete bunker of a well...shit, come to think of it, it was just a sweltering concrete bunker, listening to the Cars, Roxanne Roxanne answer records and the new UTFO.

While I am typing this I am listening to the cd again.

No track titles but track one should be a radio hit all over the place. Deft vocals that make no sense to me, compressed and tight funky guitar with killer lead breaks and synth flourishes. Hear that drum machine? I think it's a Linn. Think "Controversy". It's that good.

"Hey Jim, what about Michael Jackson?" ummm well he died and honestly I didn't care for him after Off The Wall. Yes, that's right, a member of Sparkle Girl is at the ready to debate for hours the position that OTW was the true pinnacle of MJ's artistry (yes, you heard me) and Thiller by comparison is a waste that sucked up way too much cultural space then and now, since he died you know. I'm with Chris Rock, Prince versus Michael?, Prince won.

Any Michael Jackson memories I might have I imagine to be about the same as millions of others memories about him. When I was fifteen I saw Prince on the Purple Rain tour (my Mom had stood in line for tickets, to this day I still try to imagine that picture). I remember betting with guy and his girlfriend on the opening song. I lost. Sweet, strong sinsemilla from in front of me and a couple decides to fuck on the concrete stairs three (not two, not four) people to my left. I'm pretty sure my memory of that is different from my sister (third from the left).

I just hit replay again.

Track two: nice descending scale into thumpin' booty bass and that wonderful lead guitar, chanting vocals rhyme about sidewalks and bicycles and sisters keepin on. Oh and it mentions acid bath. It's true what they say. Pot is the gateway drug to acid not heroin. If the first track is the Soul Train radio hit this is the club banger with tight clipped funky guitar and throbbing bass synth with odd mentions of jangaroo. I don't know what the fuck a jangaroo is but I've listened to this nine minute track three times now trying to figure it out.

Track three kicks in with a lovely synth melody and sequenced pulsing bass line and that hallmark of futurist electro: vocoder (NOT AUTOTUNE BUT THAT IS ANOTHER RANT) vocals. Spinning out of control and escalating like a tripped out vocoder/synth epic should

This cd sort of hits me in three parts. Each seemingly corresponding to various sonic cues buried in my deep memory. It also brings to mind several of those critical catchphrases I have always loved.

First three tracks are absolutely fucking awesome. Hit single, druggy club stomper then hit em up with the moody pop midpoint but what happens when these tendencies are taken to extremes of sonic catchiness and trickery. Doesn't it get a tad, too much. Hell yes! That apparently explains Track Four. 22 relentess minutes of cowbells, whistles and synth wooshes. Sounds burble and bubble and toil and leap out at you. It's great and when I finish typing this I'm gonna have a go at remixing it for my own damn pleasure. This is for those who remember twenty minute long electronic tunes before the word Techno reared it's head.

If there is any other thing I can think of it has to be my thoughts as the fourth track comes to a swirling stop. Where the hell is that other staple of classic eighties albums? Which one? Why, the poorly thought out detour into cod reggae pastiche!

Don't worry. Almost as a bonus track for my psyche at this point the fifth track is a horribly bland reggae lite collection of familiar themes that sound like a freakish wedding band medley played by the group in Welcome To The Dollhouse. Twice was enough. I have done my part for the cause. Remember when compact discs first came out and every album seemed to have that one track you realized the skip button was for: this is that track and I thank them for it.

Horrible 80's lightweight electro synth pop lite funk collage or fucking brilliant realisation of a particular and for myself peculiarly odd and moving strain of musical hybrids?

If you know me you know that I am hoping for both.

First Sparkle Girl "Means Of Production" Box, SOLD!

To Mr. Riley of Seattle

Thank You

Now go fuck with sound

Sparkle Girl

Each box will be unique but contain the same basic elements walkman, blank media etc. The goal has already been achieved. Each box is designed to allow the owner to work with sound in their own way. To demystify the process of engaging with sound by bringing the simplest pieces together allowing the artist (guess what, buy the box and you've become one) to record, make and manipulate sound as well as provide the little "extras" needed (or not) to get copies of your work into the the hands of at least two other people. In Riley's case, he had a specific request to be able to do an edition of 5. DOne! See, that wasn't hard. Ask, and we'll see what we can accomplish. Since each box will be different special orders don't upset us. For that matter, if you were to upset us you wouldn't be getting a box now would ya? Keep in mind this is not an instrument or a "band in a box" but more along the lines of Crank Sturgeon's legendary Crank Contact Mics or the Buddha Machine by fm3. Rather than take home a cd or tape by Sparkle Girl buy a box with some pieces of equipment and some tape and cds and go make your own and then come back and make us put it out on Soccer Mom Ebonics. Better yet, make a couple of copies and start your own label. Hell, that's what we did. Meet people! The box can be a conversation starter. As for starters: The Box is meant to be a GATEWAY. The question can be asked, "Is that a small condenser microphone ripped out of recycled consumer electronics?" Short Answer: Yes! Or you might decide to Google up condenser microphones and take a new direction of your own. Since I (Jim) am making these up as I go along you can bet your ass I don't want to be bored so expect a high WHAT IS THIS? factor. Truth be told I don't what some of these things are and we (Kurt and myself) are hoping you might find out AND THEN COME BACK AND TELL US. When Scritti Politti released their first single on Rough Trade Records they listed the cost and other details of the production on the back of the sleeve. New Order's "Blue Monday" 12" single sounded wonderful and also came housed in a sleeve by Peter Savile that was so gorgeous. World Wide Smash. And they lost money on every copy sold. These are quite inspirational tales for me. IS THIS A COMMERCIAL? NO. any sounds, sound, noise present in the box at the time of transaction by SPARKLE GIRL each box unique and contents designed and assembled by me (Jim) each box will have it's own Soccer Mom Ebonics catalog number for the discography so each person can chart their place their place in the SME cosmology and see who other box owners might be. You could start a club. Be like the Marines, "This is my box, there are others like it but this one is mine".

Sparkle Girl sees Zaimph. Pete Swanson, Magnetic Ring and Brother Raven 6.24.09

stole this from Kurt's blog....since I agree

Although Zaimph was was great for two shows the real treat for me was seeing Pete Swanson's solo debut outside of Portland. Loved D Yellow Swans and Pete gone solo was no letdown. Able to hear not only the elements he brought to the Yellow Swans but with more of a postpunkish guitar sound this set with great swelling waves of rhythm.

anyway here is Kurt's take on things...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Review Of Zaimph, Pete Swanson, Magneticring, Brother Raven at Josephine
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Last night The Josephine hosted Brother Raven, Magneticring, Pete Swanson and Zaimph. The unmissable lineup (for fans of spaced out zoned drone synth psych, anyway)delivered the goods. A healthy wednesday night crowd of 30-40 heads showed up to have their consciousness raised by these Kult jammers. Brother Raven are fairly new on my horizon, a local duo (J.Anderson & J.Potter), they purvey a stunning wash of uber spaced out cosmic synth worship. They seemed to take a wholly improvisational journey, navigating dense bass swells interspersed with thoughtful quiet parts. It was as if Klaus Schulze took a less conventional route through the Moog cosmos. They sounded great and ended on a stunning fade that left the crowd momentarily hushed before exploding into applause and howling their approval. I first heard of these dudes when they were scheduled for an in-store at Wall Of Sound Records but sadly missed the show, so it was cool to check them out at the Josephine. They also have a self-released tape out called "A Sound Like Wailing Winter Winds Is Heard" which totally kicks ass (hit them up for a copy at www.myspace.com/broraven).
Magneticring is Joshua Stevenson,who used to be in Jackie O Motherfucker. His first LP as Magneticring is amazing. Here are some words about it from the website: "Magneticring's debut Lp has just been released on the Uzu Audio Label from Edmonton, Alberta Canada.
Magneticring is the solo project of Josh Stevenson, member of Staked Plain (est. 1993), Von Bingen, B.C.V.C.O. and formerly Jackie-O Motherfucker. Not to mention contributions to a Kemialliset Ystävät recording, touring as a member of Samara Lubelski’s live band, Pink Mountaintops, numerous mastering credits, and is currently working on recordings with Montreal’s Sam Shalabi’s ‘Land of Kush Orchestra’ and Steven Wray Lobdell (Faust, Davis Redford Trio) After a couple of cassette releases, we are pleased to present his first long playing LP. Three tracks of hazy vintage synth pieces. This album is a one time pressing of 449 copies of clear 180 gram vinyl packaged in a Tip-on style gatefold jacket with custom silk screened art.
It features EMS Synthi 'AKA' & 'A' / Moog Opus / Maxi-Korg and some fuzz phaser guitar." Totally awesome! Anyway, his set was equally amazing and Kosmische, even though some dude was up in his space checking out his gear while he was playing. He played some unbeleivably vintage gear with his back to the audience and created a perfect trance state for all to enjoy.
Pete Swanson (ex Yellow Swans) played his first Seattle solo set. He played a gorgeous powder blue and white guitar through an array of electronics that metamorphosized his riffs into churning ocean currents and shooting stars complete with tracers. Pete's music is always an impressive mixture of abrasion and beauty, like a much more aggressive Tim Hecker. The room was absolutely thick with sound and vibration throughout his set. Sweet! Pete's got a couple of tapes out which convey a similiar vibe to this live performance, "Denim Life" and "Unlimited Options", both c20. Ask him about them here: www.myspace.com/yellowswans.
Marcia Bassett (Hototogisu, GHQ, Zaimph, Zaika, Double Leopards) put forward an even more mind blowing set than her excellent in-store at Dissonant Plane Records the previous Thursday. Alternating between guitar, electronics and treated vocals, she created a massive wall of dark yet pretty noise and feedback. Of all of the people working a similiar vein, Marcia is hands down the finest. Really, really killer sounds!
If you loved this show, I'll see you tonight at the Good Shepherd for this one:

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Two New Killer Tapes from Gnarled Forest Records

Dead Machines/Blue Sabbath Black Cheer (GF26) I think 100 copies
The Cherry Point (with The Rita)/Dried UP Corpse (GF27) again I think 100 copies

Picked up these beauties up at a recent BSBC gig and they are mighty fine additions to the the Gnarled Forest catalog.

First Up GF26 Dead Machines/Blue Sabbath Black Cheer

The A Side is a fantastic recording of the Dead Machines set at the Second Wooden Octopus Skull Experimental Music Pfestival from 2006. I missed this night of the pfest but this recording helps make up for it. i have been lucky to catch Dead Machines a couple of times but this is probably my fave recording by them. Dark and minimal sonics wash over for several minutes when more glitch/broken/fried circuit noise works it's way into the piece. Not as "noisy" as some other recordings but really refined and powerful in it's way. Beautifully recorded by Vance Galloway.

The B Side is "Desolation" by Blue Sabbath Black Cheer. Let me see if I can avoid the usual adjectives I use regarding BSBC. "Desolation" is a more than worthy addition the the BSBC canon. Evocative of the title in all meanings as they pummel and scrape through a midden of sonic debris screaming at the sky.

Next Up GF27 The Cherry Point/Dried Up Corpse

A Side is The Cherry Point with guest the Rita again recorded live at the second WOSPfestival 2006. Now this night I was at and the Cherry Point brought the power noise assault. I remember he and the Rita at the table just slamming the audience with heavy duty noise. What might at first sound like a blur soon becomes a tidal wave of noise with small fragments detonating all through the piece. Again captured brialliantly by Vance Galloway.

B Side is Dried Up Corpse with an Ostara set at ChickenHed Church 4.12.09. Perhaps if BSBC can be viewed as the sound of death throes and wanton destruction than maybe I see Dried Up Corpse as the sonic documentation of the bonefields that remain. More dessicated and minimal with harsh and muted waves of wasted bleakness but with with some higher edged frequency bombs and tones that sound like mettalic carrion birds en route to a feast. This was a really enjoyable set to catch and kudos to Overdose the Katatonic for catching the sound nicely. Like I was there again in front.

Also seeing as how two of these sides are taken from the second Wooden Octopus Skull Pfest you might be able to find some copies of the Pfestival program at Dissonant Plane. It is a great read and has a Wolf Eyes discography so accurate to that time that even the Soccer Mom Ebonics live release is listed.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Mommy, what's a Ponzi Cult? Chikenhed Church 6.14.09

Specific: Ponzi Cult is Jody McKane (Yokai No Uta, Black Ops, Dj and Sparkle Girl collaborator) and Kurt Delaney (Sparkle Girl) on two guitars. Two musicians, two guitars: Ponzi Cult!

General: Ponzi Cult may or may not be a symbolic noise assault against the esoteric economics of Ponzi schemes and the cult of the rich. Maybe it just popped out. Either way I am looking forward to this debut performance of my cohorts first side project. Should be an interesting treat and the night will have some more surprises but I have to talk a walk....

Please check out www.blog.dissonantplane.com

The reason I ask is that Eric wrote up a nice preview of the in store performance going on Saturday 6.13.09.

The other reason is that a lot of times there is confusion due to Kurt and myself both having Sparkle Girl myspace sites. Eric has cleared up this matter in a fashion we can appreciate. There are links to all the performers BUT by clicking Sparkle you get Kurt's /sparklegirlnoise site and by clicking Girl you'll get my /sparklegirlpresents. Cool.

Sparkle Girl In Store Performance at Dissonant Plane 6.13.09

Come join Kurt and I as we play our first (and probably only) in store performance at Dissonant Plane. We are playing with some great folks and we'll try to have some goodies for artwalk. Also you can check out Dissonant Plane, which does have the dubious honor of having the world's largest stock of Sparkle Girl and Soccer Mom Ebonics releases for sale. In addition to that all the other performers also have releases at Dissonant Plane.

Since opening they have provided nothing but support for local artists and labels. Hell, I even got to work there for awhile. The performances will be between six and eight pm and it should be a really interesting two hours of sound. We hope to see you there.






SATURDAY, JUNE 13th, 2009

6:00 PM

The second Saturday of every month is the Ballard Art Walk. Since we have been staying open for the art walk, we thought we would make it more interesting by having some live music. So come join us from 6 to 8 this Saturday. We have a little something for everyone. Sparkle Girl will do a field recording and shortwave set. Hellgrammite present their underground black metal sound. Aural Antithesis & Gohger bring prepared violin and electronics. Amphetamine Virus mix dark beat and noise. All are local acts represented on the shelves of Dissonant Plane. It is a great way to check out a variety of local underground weirdness.

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Review of Wolf Eyes Completely Wrong/Variations On The Bottomless Pit 2xCD Collection

Wolf Eyes:Completely Wrong/Variations On The Bottomless Pit:AA Records 23/30

Due to a hellish summer cold and the packed conditions of the show I had to bag the show recently here in the Emerald City. but Kurt and I love our Michigan noise boys and tried to bring the party to em in style. Kurt took the bullet and stayed to the end cold and all to catch what he said was a fantastic show. Now though while I did have to cut the evening short Kurt and I (and shortly thereafter Mr. Eric Lanzillotta of Dissonant Plane) put a nice dent in the musical merch bazaar that is the WE enterprise in motion. Several nice scores but the first one I have gotten to check out in a serious way is this monster of a 2xcd set. Design is simple and lovely. Tan 6x6 envelope with titles in corner and an impressionistic drawing by Nate Young that makes me think of a hunter in a second skin of hair and eyes. AA Records handstamped on back and hand numbered (woo hoo got #23). The two discs are in simple black cardstock sleeves with drawings from Nate on one side and simple track information stickers.

But what about the music?

And is another Wolf Eyes review going to change anything?

Hands down one of my top five Wolf Eyes releases! These two discs both recorded in 2009 show the trio off to their best in a variety of ways. Completely Wrong might be one of the most consistent and engaging WE cds I have heard. Solid heavy noise which brings to mind what many might think typical of the boys that quickly starts throwing change ups that make the ears stand up. It sounds as if WE have dug out some of the rhythm generators from the gear closet and start putting them to varied and excellent use throughout the length of the cd in addition to some fine vocal work and guitar and electronic damage. Two Wolves is probably the most WE sounding of the songs and then more percussion and brutal lo fi rhythm work kick in with the Weirder. Two shorter tracks Lurk and Raw Organ are almost like a single in the middle of an album. Both songs atmospheric and throbbing examples of sweet menace. I'll mention the final track Milled Sickness in a few. After that I was wondering what joys the other cd might have for me. Short answer, many! Recorded at what sounds like three improvisation sessions on May 1st, 8th and three tracks from the final session on May 11th. Variations on the Bottomless Pit is a very atmospheric and "live" sounding release that shows a different side to Wolf Eyes. Elements like John's sax or Nates' vocals or Connelly's guitar all serving what are variations on a theme. Since I missed the show I had to go by Kurt's description of a dark, ambient industrial wash of keyboard phrases heavy melodies and a quiter but just as moving experience. This matched up well when Eric namechecked them sounding in ways like an old fave group of mine from San Fran called Factrix. I think Variations is one of the first recorded documents of another interesting sonic shift for the group. Listening to it obsessively as it brings to mind early industial sounds from ritualistic sonic explorers like Bond Bergland et al in Factrix or the unsettling textures of Throbbing Gristle (mercifully not including G's whine). Which makes some sense at the time since San Fran loves TG. Lots of great sax work that avoids overblown skronk attacks in favor of anchoring the vocals and simpler electronic passages. Production and sound are amazingly consistent for three different sessions and are a fine argument that noiseicians have just as much ability to craft pieces as any other group of musicians. More spare in density than usual for WE and sounds great for it letting the elements have distinct voices and themes for the pieces. The reason I waited to mention the last track on Completely Wrong is that I think said song Milled Sickness not only seems to unite these two different approaches in a strong and cohesive sonic grind that might be my favorite Wolf Eyes "song" so far. Released through Nate's AA Records imprint I really hope this one of those Wolf Eyes releases that reappears in a wider format. Representing strong stylistic diversity that reminds you why they can work so well with Anthony Braxton or Smegma.

Review of Summon Thrull s/t CD on Debacle Records

Summon Thrull:s/t CD:Debacle Records DBL020ECD206:83/100

I have been listening to this cd an average of once a day it seems since I grabbed it from Debacle kingpin Sam. A jam packed six track Cd of crazy good electronics. I saw a review the other day where the reviewer mentioned terms such as "epic" and "majestic" in hearing the tracks and I have to agree. Each song is a distinct composition that utilizes all manner of whizz bang electronic tones and rhythms. Also anyone who namechecks Videodrome in a title and has the creepy music to back it up is cool by me (I saw it when I was something like 11 or 12, which as I think about it, might explain a few things.) I love how the track titles give nice clues to the songs themselves. Cassettcon brought to mind fucked up teenage tape abuse while the final track Bleach Blonde Fragment Fracture really does have a lovely fractured momentum to the track. Another cool release on the ever reliable Debacle roster. If anything reminded me a bit of the more, dare I say, "beautiful" electronic soundscapes of Yellow Swans. Which I love. Mad love for the animist/alchemy layout. I'm not sure if I have met Dustin Kotchel the man behind the Thrull but check this one out.

Available from Debacle Records, Dissonant Plane and as always Sam at a show.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Megabatz! s/t 3" CDR Review

Megabatz!:s/t 3" cdr

Mysterious little 3" cdr goody I was given by Riley at a show recently. Megabatz! might be Riley and DBL kingpin Sam then again I could've just been misled. No information on the release except the band name and the two track titles. Track 1: Tengoku is an amazingly lovely 15+ minute drone based piece that sucked me immediately into the sound. One keyboard on a organ sounding drone with a nice frequent tweaks of oscillation and fingering. Synths seem to hover all around the drone with a slowly accreting melody wrapping itself around the central tones. Reminded me of early pulsing Stereolab before they faded off into a way too French airiness for my taste. This however is the goods my friends. Track dos: Cleaver Teeth is a shorter seven minute synth clash with more dynamic shifts and some cool little fragments (at least to me) where the pieces come bouncing together to end up with a proto- electro sound that seems to imagine Afikaa Bambatta discovering Cluster rather than Kraftwerk. Favorite part of the cd. Careful listening to Tengoku and hearing distinct whispers adding a wonderful human element to the song.

Casey, track these cats down for a Pillowful Of Drone. They would be kickass. A really lovely unexpected treat of a disc.

Happy Birthday Josephine! 6.1.09

Got to have a lovely night out at the Josephine as they celebrated their year anniversary. Everyone got treated to a wonderful group of sets from Soul Food Pinata, Tiny Manhood and Weebelos with interstitial music provided by Forrest Friends. Soul Food Pinata is one my favorite groups to catch live. Hearing Jeffrey wail on the electric is always a treat and Steve and Jason provided a catchy and swinging rhythm and the interplay between these three is always infectious. A special treat this time around was the addition of Kako on vocals. Her voice worked great with the loose and energetic playing and her enthusiasm got the crowd moving. Hell even I danced! Albeit in my Patti Duke/Ian Curtis fashion.

Next up was Tiny Manhood. Great freaking name! Wonderful offbeat pop led by doublenecked ukes looking like a hotwired Hawaiian Rick Nielsen creation and lovely bass work. I don't know if the two girls usually work as a duo or not but for tonight they were augmented by electric piano, drums and trombone and xylophone. The mixture was great with hummable tunes in a variety of styles that kept people smiling and moving. Flourishes from the horns, keys and drums helped increase the offkilter pop charm of the group. Again, great freaking name too.

Extended interlude as Chad and Garrison as Forrest Friends took position in the lamplit corners sending out coded vocal chants, rattletrap percussion and haunted sampled atmospheres as people relaxed.

Finishing up the party was a rockin' set by the Weebelos. Guitar, bass, drums, vocals and the nifty inclusion of what I think was an old SK1 sampler brought back memories of some my fave early 80's groups like the Embarrassment/Big Dipper, early BarNone Records and some local faves of mine like The Xteens. Short sharp pop shocks with deft changes and neat rhythm switches. Way fun band to end the proceedings.

Happy Birthday Josephine from Sparkle Girl