Friday, August 14, 2009

Live Review of Sparkle Girl by Overdose The Katatonic

Category: Music
This was Jim Evans "ONLY" solo performance ever. A lot of what he brought broke down but like a true experimental artist you make do w/ what you have. Since he knew i was recording it (an i sent the wav file to him soon as i got home) he used his recorder as a player of sounds,the same w/ another tape player,a short wave radio and another piece of equipment i believe along w/ the wires hooked up to a patch an he was rubbing the carpet an his keys,it sounded clanky to rosshsshhhwosh kinda sound. I'm going to miss Jim, he always was cool to me, and i couldn't believe the small turnout. It was I, jennifer(empty remainz),lars(aural antithesis),gogher,cunt zero,ffejj,demian johnston, and the cashier.
They missed a sick set tho. I really liked the back up tapes playing w/ the shortwave,and all the extra knick knack scrapings..I was right in front this weird speaker he was using so downstairs wouldn't get disturbed even tho he came runing up stairs looking at jim like was that you doing that noise??Yes exactly,he was getting ready for his noise set.I'm glad i got to see him solo be4 he left.For those who missed it i'll let you imagine what it was like.See ya at the Rendevous for methfest kickoff.Crazy tho,Sparkle Girl have been here so long,kind of a Seattle staple.I'm sure will adjust an then enjoy the SG shows more since jim won't be around all the shows. Thats one thing jim, where yer going i don't know if theres much expermental or noise,but u do have a bunch of shows to catatlogue like me from over the years.
Jim Katatonic